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Re-Verber-Ray Quad Tube Heater Parts


  •   QTS2 60-80 09/16 to Present  
      QTD2 60-80 09/16 to Present  
        QTS 60-80 03/10 to 08/16  
        QTD 60-80 03/10 to 08/16

  • Discontinued version
    of current series
  • Current version
    of current series


*By selecting documentation link(s) above, you acknowledge that it links to an out-of-production installation, operation manual from the time of a particular heater manufacture. Refer to current production product manuals for up-to-date installation requirements.



Our Quad Tube Heaters were designed to incorporate the modular benefits of high-intensity infrared with the application versatility of low-intensity infrared. Unique construction features include a multi-burner, multi-exchanger, multi-reflector platform optimized for a broad and even heat output pattern. Operational benefits include fuel savings, spot heating functionality, low electrical consumption, and low mounting height application.