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Re-Verber-Ray Model DX and DX2 Series Parts


DX Series (Mfg 01/93 – 05/04/95) No Flame Rod – Heater Parts




DX2 (Mfg 06/03 – Present)



Common Components

Part Description


Part Number


Part Number

Fan TP-55A TP-55A
Burner - Normally Open Air Switch See Below See Below
Exhaust - Normally Closed Air Switch See Below See Below

Circuit Board

** TP-390 adapter not needed after    08/00




DX2 Models Use Circuit board   TP-351 A



DTH(S)-3, DRV, DBS, DX(w/direct sense)

Replace with

TP-78D 1,2 TP-390



TP-351A & TP-390

DX (remote sense), DX-2, XTS, LS

 (Manufactured 09/95 to 08/00)


Wire Harness TP-78B TP-78B
Ignition Device TP-50 TP-50
50-100 MBH Burner TP-200 TP-200A
125-200 MBH Burner TP-201 TP-201B
Natural Gas Valve TP-209 TP-240
LP Gas Valve TP-209P TP-241
Flame Rod N/A Optional TP-FRK2
16" Tube TP-202 TP-380
Combustion Chamber3, 50-125 MBH (Aluminized Steel) TP-26A TP-26A
Combustion Chamber3, 150-200 MBH (Titanium Coated Steel) TP-26B TP-26B
Combustion Chamber3, 75-150 MBH (Stainless Steel) TP-26E TP-26E
Radiant Tubes TP-26A TP-26A
10 Ft. Reflector Section TP-20C TP-20C
Baffle TP-651 TP-651

** Cross reference number on unit: Mark 17X-117.

1 Use TP-390 adaptor to attach replacement board to original harness.

2 Add TP-FRK if flame sense problems exist.  Consult factory.

3 Refers to the first 10' section of tubing downstream of burner.


Pressure Switches

BTU/H Range (x1000) 50-100 125-150 175 200
Switch 14 Part Number TP-264B TP-264D TP-264D TP-264C
X-Ref., PPS10069- IS2 -3050 -2551 -2552
Normal Setting Open Open Open Open
P. S. Tube Set TP-AK3 TP-AK3 TP-AK3 TP-AK3
Switch 24 Part Number TP-260F TP-260F TP-260G TP-260G
X-Ref., PPS10070- IS2 IS2 -2554 -2554
Normal Setting Closed Closed Closed Closed
P. S. Tube Set TP-AK4 TP-AK4 TP-AK4 TP-AK4

4 Pressure switch #1 is electrically first in series, and pressure switch #2 is second in series.