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Re-Verber-Ray Model LD Series Parts

RE-VERBER-RAY LD SERIES TUBE HEATER (Manufactured 06/00 to 12/12) 

Common Components

Part Description Original  Part Number

Replacement  Part Number

Fan TP-55A TP-55A 1
Air Pressure Switch See Below See Below
Circuit Board TP-851 TP-851
Wire Harness TP-852 TP-852
Relay (note: this factory installed option is not on all units) TP-825 TP-825
Ignition Device TP-50 TP-50
40-50 MBH Burner TP-1070 TP-1070
Natural Gas Valve TP-840 TP-840A
LP Gas Valve TP-841 TP-841A
Transformer TP-826 TP-826
Indicator Lights TP-828 TP-828
Flame Rod TP-222 TP-222
Thermal Fuse TP-1033 TP-1033
16" Tube TP-1080 TP-1080
Combustion Chamber TP-1081 TP-1081
Radiant Tubes TP-1082 TP-1082
10 Ft. Reflector Section TP-20C TP-20C

1 Cross Reference Number (on unit): Micro 60-24.

2 A complete baffle section requires one (1) TP-1086 plus two (2) TP-1083.

Pressure Switches

BTU/H Range (x1000) 40 50

Switch 13
Part Number TP-264F TP-264F
X-Ref., IS220- -35051F5132 -35051F5132
Normal Setting Open Open
P. S. Tube Set TP-AK3 TP-AK3

Switch 23
Part Number TP-1060F TP-1060F
X-Ref., IS221-               -13062F5128 -13062F5128
Normal Setting Closed Closed
P. S. Tube Set TP-AK5 TP-AK5

3 Pressure switch #1 is electrically first in series, and pressure switch #2 is second in series.