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Spark Pilot: Model NSPI-8 and PSPI-9



Older Model NSPI and PSPI have a discontinued pilot system.

Most parts are still available. All the parts you need to upgrade or repair are shown below.

36E36A-210 120V Natural and LP Gas Valve not available.

If the gas valve is bad use the gas valve Model VR4205M-1308 Combination Gas Valve - Natural Gas - 120V

for LP gas use Model VR4205M-1357 Combination Gas Valve - LP Gas - 120V corresponding with your voltage and gas type

                          the DSI Subkit must also be installed when replacing discontinued valves.                           

   The DSI Subkit works on both gas types.

3049-41 Thermocouple not available.>  To replace pilot Ignition use the DSI SUB Kit 120v or 24v corresponding with your voltage. Comes with pilot plug for existing gas valve.